The exhilarating spectacle of the 2023 FIBA World Cup for men’s basketball will take place from August 25 to September 10, hosted by the Philippines, Japan, and Indonesia.

Consider this: 32 powerful teams will be intelligently separated into eight competitive groups, similar to the thrilling arrangement of the soccer World Cup. However, this is only the top of the iceberg. The real action begins when the top two teams from each group advance into the grueling second phase—16 teams divided into four groups-carrying their hard-earned points with them. As the race for glory heats up, it’s a high-stakes struggle where every point matters.

Only the best of the crop will emerge from this fiery furnace. The teams that defy the odds and show unflinching persistence will emerge to form the quarterfinals—the path to basketball immortality.

But hold on, there’s more. The stakes are higher than ever before since the winners receive more than simply a trophy. The top two teams from the Americas and Europe win a golden ticket to the main stage—the 2024 Paris Olympics. Aspirations met on the world stage, and dreams were realized.

Not to mention the worldwide representation. In the midst of this heated competition, the champions from Africa, Asia, and Oceania secure their place in the famous 2024 Paris Olympics.

Prepare for a confrontation of titans, a showcase of raw skill and unwavering passion, as the 2023 FIBA World Cup sets the stage for epic basketball moments that will reverberate throughout history.

2023 FIBA World Cup Schedule

DateTime (ET)GameRound
Fri., Aug. 254 a.m.Italy 81, Angola 67Group A
4 a.m.Australia 98, Finland 72Group E
4:45 a.m.Montenegro 91, Mexico 71Group D
5:15 a.m.Latvia 109, Lebanon 70Group H
8 a.m.Dominican Republic 87, Philippines 81Group A
8:10 a.m.Germany 81, Japan 63Group E
8:30 a.m.Lithuania 93, Egypt 67Group D
9:30 a.m.Canada 95, France 65Group H
Sat., Aug. 264 a.m.South Sudan-Puerto RicoGroup B
4 a.m.Cape Verde-GeorgiaGroup F
4:45 a.m.Jordan-GreeceGroup C
5:45 a.m.Iran-BrazilGroup G
7:30 a.m.Slovenia-VenezuelaGroup F
8 a.m.Serbia-ChinaGroup B
8:40 a.m.USA-New ZealandGroup C
9:30 a.m.Spain-Cote d’IvoireGroup G
Sun., Aug. 274 a.m.Italy-Dominican RepublicGroup A
4:30 a.m.Australia-GermanyGroup E
4:45 a.m.Montenegro-EgyptGroup D
5:45 a.m.Lebanon-CanadaGroup H
8 a.m.Philippines-AngolaGroup A
8:10 a.m.Japan-FinlandGroup E
8:30 a.m.Lithuania-MexicoGroup D
9:30 a.m.France-LatviaGroup H
Mon., Aug. 284 a.m.China-South SudanGroup B
4 a.m.Venezuela-Cape VerdeGroup F
4:45 a.m.New Zealand-JordanGroup C
5:45 a.m.Cote d’Ivoire-IranGroup G
7:30 a.m.Georgia-SloveniaGroup F
8 a.m.Puerto Rico-SerbiaGroup B
8:40 a.m.USA-GreeceGroup C
9:30 a.m.Brazil-SpainGroup G
Tue., Aug. 293:30 a.m.Germany-FinlandGroup E
4 a.m.Angola-Dominican RepublicGroup A
4:45 a.m.Egypt-MexicoGroup D
5:45 a.m.Lebanon-FranceGroup H
7:10 a.m.Australia-JapanGroup E
8 a.m.Philippines-ItalyGroup A
8:30 a.m.Montenegro-LithuaniaGroup D
9:30 a.m.Canada-LatviaGroup H
Wed., Aug. 304 a.m.South Sudan-SerbiaGroup B
4 a.m.Georgia-VenezuelaGroup F
4:40 a.m.USA-JordanGroup C
5:45 a.m.Cote d’Ivoire-BrazilGroup G
7:30 a.m.Slovenia-Cape VerdeGroup F
8 a.m.China-Puerto RicoGroup B
8:40 a.m.Greece-New ZealandGroup C
9:30 a.m.Iran-SpainGroup G

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