The threat of severe weather has returned to the eastern Prairies, with rotating storms possible in parts of southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba on Thursday. While not guaranteed, the probability of a tornado or two cannot be discounted.

There is a significant probability of severe thunderstorms in the eastern Prairies on Thursday. This increases the likelihood of heavy rain, high gusts, and huge hail. Furthermore, the formation of funnel clouds is possible, which implies that the occurrence of one or two tornadoes cannot be fully ruled out.

On Thursday afternoon, severe storms are expected to form in the southern half of Manitoba. Tornado warnings were issued between 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., however they have now expired. Nonetheless, it is critical to monitor the meteorological condition and be aware of any new alerts or cautions in your region.

Overview for Thursday:
Southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba are affected.

Timing: Thursday afternoon through evening

Expected Conditions: On Thursday, a fresh low-pressure system will move over the eastern Prairies, bringing the possibility of rain showers, thunderstorms, and the formation of funnel clouds.

As the low-pressure system travels into Saskatchewan in the morning and afternoon, it may cause showers and thunderstorms, with funnel clouds being the major worry. Storms are likely to strengthen when the system moves into Manitoba later in the day, raising the chance of major hail and high wind gusts.

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