Max Verstappen won the Dutch Grand Prix for the third time in a row, making it three wins in a row from pole position. The race was characterized by heavy rain, which created a frenetic and interesting battle. Verstappen expertly navigated the difficult circumstances to finish ahead of Fernando Alonso and Pierre Gasly. This victory also ties him with Sebastian Vettel for the most straight Formula One victories.

The suspense of the race began with sporadic rain before the start, which swiftly turned into a deluge throughout the first lap. This unexpected weather change spurred a variety of techniques throughout the field. Verstappen led a group of drivers who originally elected to stay on slick tires, while Perez picked intermediates and led a group of drivers into the pits.

The early stages of the race were marked by frenetic racing, with those who shifted to intermediates early gaining an edge and those who lingered on slicks losing places. The rain eventually stopped, and the track began to dry.

Despite the Red Bull team’s various efforts, Perez seized the lead as the race settled into a rhythm. Verstappen, on the other side, finished fourth, after Zhou Guanyu and Gasly. Verstappen, on the other hand, managed to recover the lead with his blistering performance.

Verstappen appeared to be on course for a clean win on a totally dry track until an unexpected twist occurred: rain reappeared in the final stages, pelting the racetrack with force. This introduced a new level of complexity to the race’s finish.

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