Chronic pain is classified differently in the International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision (ICD-10) based on the individual ailment or underlying cause. Chronic pain ICD-10 classifications might differ depending on characteristics such as location, cause, and severity.

Here are some ICD-10 codes associated with chronic pain:

Chronic Primary Pain:

when the primary motive for seeking medical assistance is discomfort

G89.29: Other types of chronic discomfort

Persistent Pain Syndromes:

where persistent pain is linked to another condition

Myalgia M79.1

Unspecified neuralgia and neuritis: M79.2

Fibromyalgia M79.7

Chronic Pain as a Result of Specific Conditions:

G89.21 – Traumatic chronic pain

G89.22 – Post-thoracotomy discomfort that persists

G89.3 – Chronic neoplasm-related discomfort

G89.4-Chronic pain syndrome

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