It is critical to follow any specific instructions supplied by your healthcare physician or the lab performing the test prior to a glucose test. The glucose test is frequently used to detect diabetes or gestational diabetes during pregnancy. The Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) is the most often used glucose test. Following are some general tips to follow prior to the OGTT:

Fasting Period

You will be asked to fast for a particular period of time before the conventional OGTT. Before the test, you should fast for at least 8 hours (typically overnight). During the fasting phase, you should only drink water and avoid any sugary or carbohydrate-containing foods, beverages, or medications.

Avoid Sugary or High-Carbohydrate Foods

To avoid interfering with the test findings, avoid consuming sugary foods, sweetened beverages, and high-carbohydrate meals in the hours preceding the fasting period.


If you are taking any drugs, including diabetes medications, talk to your doctor about whether you should keep them or alter the amounts during the fasting time and test.

Stay Hydrated

To stay hydrated when fasting, you can and should consume plain water. Avoid flavored water, fruit juices, and any other liquids that include calories or sweets.


Plan your fasting period so that the blood draw for the glucose test can be done early in the morning to reduce the length of fasting.

Remember that these are broad guidelines, and particular instructions may differ based on the type of glucose test and your personal health problems. To guarantee accurate and trustworthy findings, always follow the directions provided by your healthcare professional or the lab performing the test.

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